Two stunning new pieces from RICHARD ROWAN.

Who is Richard Rowan?

From a design and fine art background, after finishing his artist’s training, Richard found an artist’s life very difficult to establish and a designer’s one very frustrating. Richard ended up in the motor sport business ranging from world rally to Formula 1 – travelling worldwide for the next five years.
Having seen so much of the world Richard’s whole outlook on life changed; he never put down his drawing pad, constantly sketching cars and scenery. Never feeling quite at home and constantly living out of a suitcase, Richard would produce art pieces when back at home and sell them at local galleries, this leading to commissions.
Leaving the race track and ‘go go’ lifestyle behind changed everything for Richard and he has since devoted all of his time to art on glass, his preferred medium, using a unique style of oil painting.


Wait and See



“I do not paint people in the paintings I want the viewer to feel they are the only person privileged to see the view. The works are trying to transport people out of their lives and take them somewhere else.”


Richard’s method is quite unique, it is back-to-front painting on the reverse side of glass, using oils. He begins with his hands underneath the glass painting upwards and looking down on the emerging image. He always paints the foreground details first, then the drying time begins and he gradually progresses back through the piece with the last detail to paint being the furthest point in the distance.  From the moment the oil paint is squeezed from the tube to the stage where it is dry takes about a week. Over that week the oil constantly changes consistency from being slick and wet, to tacky, and slowly starting to set dry. Richard only has a widow of a couple of hours at any point in time to get to the paint and achieve the effect he wants.

rro-have-it-all-f (1)

Have It All



“Both Pieces in this collection are based on photos I took from a trip to the Lake District about a year ago. I was in a boat, looking towards the shore.”

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Mannequin Muses

Introducing new artist: CHRIS ACHESON

Scantily-clad Agent Provocateur mannequins and a fascination with ‘the exoticism of everyday life’ was all it took to inspire Chris’s first collection of work.
After studying Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, Chris took the plunge and moved to London where he took a job as a bicycle courier around the West End, and it was here where his seemingly unhealthy obsession with Agent Provocateur window displays took hold. He soon had a small photo collection of the window models and explains that, “when I opened (the picture) in Photoshop I saw its potential. I liked the way the two worlds collide; the stagnant, staged interior world of the shop dummy is transformed by the reflected random exterior scene of a bustling street into an abstract, humorous image.”


The Thrill Of It All

His vibrant and striking images display a collision in technique producing a riot of abstract realism and colour, projecting what he calls the ‘Hollywoodisation’ effect on the normality of life. “The bric-a-brac of popular culture, music and cinema are the key subjects running through my work” cites Chris. As an admirer of Pre-Raphaelites such as John Everett Millais, John Waterhouse and Arthur Hughes, Mancunian painters Pierre Vallette and L.S Lowry, alongside Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, Acheson likes to use inspiration from a diverse range of mediums and styles, and mixing-up and challenging conventional techniques and compositions is what this new collection is all about.


           The Metamorphosis        

“I have always been drawn to pop culture, the heightened colour, the juxtaposition of the glamorous and the ordinary. As an artist you have to be true to yourself and paint what you like and hope the collectors will like it too!”


In Every Dream Home A Heartache

Come along to the gallery to have a closer look!

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The Amazing Spider-Man!

Loved the new Spider-Man film?

Check out our Marvel Collection HAND-SIGNED by STAN LEE!

Available on:

Boxed Canvas edition of 195

Giclee on Paper edition of 295


The Amazing Spider-Man #75 – Death Without Warning!


The Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Spider-Man Meets the Fantastic Four


Spider-Man – Torment


The Amazing Spider-Man #100 – The Spider Or The Man?


Also available : The Hulk and The Avengers 

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Tell us what YOU want!

Castle Fine Art has now been established in Edinburgh for 2 years and in that time we have found many new homes for our beloved artwork.
What we want to do now is discover what the wonderful people of Edinburgh, our current and future clients, want us to do for YOU!
So get clicking, vote, and let your voice be heard!


Bob Dylan : Revisionist Art

You are invited to:

bdy rev

From Saturday 12th April the new Bob Dylan collection will be hanging in the gallery, so come down and have a peek!

What’s it all about?

In the form of covers from famous magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone, Dylan has taken social, political and pop-culture icons and married them with headlines and images either ripped from other publications or just pulled from the ether. The finished pieces, printed on large silkscreen canvas and silkscreen paper are both absurd and satirical. They take aim at the lofty public figures and celebrities, re-imagining their lives. Also in Dylan’s sights are the magazines themselves, for their covers that encompass dizzying arrays of unrelated subjects and for their lewd and violent imagery, used to catch the eye.


Revisionist Art looks to re-evaluate and re-contextualise things that we have known and maybe take for granted. It can satirise, it can parody, and it can also seek truths that were missed or even hidden the first time around. It aims to shed a light in the face of passive acceptance and make the audience pause and think again.


Does this spark your interest?

If the answer is ‘YES!‘ then come down to Castle Fine Art Edinburgh and enjoy a nice little tipple of something as you ponder Dylan’s new creations!

We look forward to seeing you!

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