Festival Exhibition at Castle Fine Art


   Castle Fine Art celebrates a summer of Scottish Art

Artwork by some of Scotland’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, including comedian Billy Connelly are being celebrated this summer at Castle Fine Art Edinburgh.
The renowned fine art gallery, Castle Fine Art, Edinburgh will be displaying the works of Glaswegian Billy Connolly, who only debuted his art collection in 2012, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival between 1st and 25th August.
Other works by celebrated Scottish artists such as Alexander Millar and Stuart McAlpine Miller will also be on in Edinburgh, in Multrees Walk, St Andrew’s Square.
The exhibition will feature stunning representations of Edinburgh street scenes and landmarks, as well as wildlife scenes painted against the majestic backdrop of the Highlands. This has been timed to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, which begins on 23 July, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which takes place between 1 and 25 August.
Altogether, numerous pieces of limited-edition artwork will be displayed at the gallery for visitors to enjoy and to buy.
Our lovely gallery manager, Miriam Paterson has been quoted saying:
“This is an exciting year for Scotland, what with Homecoming Scotland being celebrated across the world and the Commonwealth Games being hosted in Glasgow, so what better way to mark the country’s creative excellence than with an exhibition that showcases some of our best artists?
“We have put together a superb collection of paintings and artwork and expect interest to be high when we exhibit them, especially during Edinburgh Fringe festival and the games.
“All of the featured artists have a very strong base of collectors and their paintings are very popular across the world but I hope this new exhibition will bring them new admirers too.”
Connolly, known affectionately as the Big Yin, decided to take up sketching and painting in 2007 when he was in Canada. His passion for art grew and in 2012, unveiled his debut collection, Born On A Rainy Day, a series of six limited edition thought-provoking pen and ink drawings, for Castle Galleries.
He has described his work as bearing “no relation” to his comedy or music. Instead, he says it is: “pure and un-judged”.
Based on characters from the comedian’s imagination, the pieces have been likened to “cave art”
that originated in Aurignacian culture between 35,000 and 45,000 years ago. Although the characters are faceless, they appear to possess depths of emotion and self-awareness.
Alexander Millar, who moved to Tyneside from Springside, Kilmarnock, in 1976, is famed for his works that feature the “Tyneside Gadgies”, working class men.
Ayrshire-born Stuart McAlpine Miller is a former artist-in-residence at The Savoy Hotel, London, who is known for creating the illusion of transparencies in his works through subtle and clever laying techniques. Described as “neo-figurative pop” by art critic Estelle Lovatt, McAlpine Miller’s collection features stylish, ‘supermodel-esqué’ women, superimposed over brightly coloured cartoons, in an illusionary world of comic book characters, all of which McAlpine Miller achieves painting with oils.

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