New Artist: Ryder

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new artist – Ryder.

“My work was inspired by the need to escape from the sometimes harsh realities of this world.”

‘Artist’ : an all-encompassing term that wraps up many a discipline in a cultural blanket of human expression and progress. Occasionally, an individual emerges who blurs the lines between these disciplines, breathing narrative into visual art and illustration into the twists and turns of fictional writing. Ryder is one such artist.

Ryder Dangerous Liasons_F

Dangerous Liaisons
Limited Edition of 95

Ryder_The Greatest Show On Earth_F

The Greatest Show On Earth
Limited Edition of 95

In 2002, the world famous Pompidou Centre in Paris devoted a headline exhibition not to an artist but to a literary critic, and that critic was Roland Barthes. For the purposes of penetrating the veneer of mystique around Ryder, we must take as our reference text Barthes’ critical essay entitled ‘Death of the Author’. In it, Barthes surmises that one must disengage with the author to appreciate text in its truest form. In essence, he asserts that we as an audience have subjectively imposed upon us – that our knowledge of an author, painter or poet ultimately colours our opinion of, and attitude towards, the piece itself. He urges us to look beyond the constraints of the simple answer, the easy route, and to judge each creation on its own merit.

Ryder - Over The moon_F

Over The Moon
Limited Edition of 95

Ryder_The Exhibitionist_F

The Exhibitionist
Limited Edition of 95

The more thought one gives to this notion, the more weight Barthes; argument carries; what a tragedy if one were unable to simply appreciate the beauty of a Van Gogh without searching for signs of madness within its composition. ‘Death of The Author’ promotes empowerment and gives us back control; no dictatorial biography, instead a metaphorical blank canvas for us, the audience, to take charge and form our own opinions. 

Ryder_The Chase_F

The Chase
Limited Edition of 95

Ryder_In The Night Garden_F

In The Night Garden
Limited Edition of 95

Thus we come to this collection. Ryder is no more, no less than a name on a piece of paper. No artist biography to influence your impressions, no collection overview to police your critique, just the art laid bare. As Barthes stated, :”it is language which speaks, not the author”, and so we have given Ryder a voice and allowed the art to do the talking.

Ryder_Romoes Juliet_r1

Romeo’s Juiliet
Limited Edition of 95 ( Boxed Canvas)

Ryder Juliets Romeo_BC

Juliet’s Romeo
Limited Edition of 95 (Boxed Canvas)

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