DC Comics Collection: Alex Ross

The work of Alex Ross simultaneously appears to occupy both fantasy and reality.

On the one hand, he compels us to believe in the superhero ideology, his characters simply explode off the page, exquisitely capturing the essential thrill of a graphic novel, masterfully conveying the exhilaration of flight for Superman or deftly portraying the dark nobility of Batman.


Look! Up in the Sky!

Giclee on Paper Edition of 295


Boxed Canvas Edition of 195

Unframed/Framed £795/£995

And yet, on the other hand, Ross’s heroes are given a very real human edge. No longer are these characters simply flights of fancy, they are men and women who could well walk amongst us. Ross is careful to pay particular attention to the human qualities that make up his characters, Superman’s integrity, Batman’s determination, informed by his own mantra that these men are not considered superheroes because they are strong or because they have special powers, but because they perform acts that look beyond themselves.


Grim Gargoyles

Giclee on Paper Edition of 295


Boxed Canvas Edition of 195

Unframed/Framed £795/£995

Looking beyond the immediate is precisely what makes Ross’s work so accomplished and widely adored. It is confirmation of his incredible talent that he has been able to bring a fresh approach and perspective to well-known and well-established superheroes such as Batman and Superman.


Superman Forever

Giclee on Paper Edition of 295


Boxed Canvas Edition of 195

Unframed/Framed £795/£995

The chief distinction of Ross’s Dark Knight is being able to look Batman right in the eye. Avid fans of the classic comics will know previous illustrations merely hinted at the eye with glowing white slits, but so typical of Ross, this did not seem real enough. It did not bring Batman off the page, and so, he applied what has become his trademark style; suddenly Batman is transformed and invigorated.
Ross achieves this very real liveliness and vigour in part through his use of reference model, sometimes in full hero costume but often not; the connection to a human before him ground him in reality, the 3D nature of that very interaction somehow works itself into the essence of his art. His characters exist outside of our expectations, outside of their costumes, outside of the canvas, even. Ross describes the introduction to the use of live models as a breakthrough moment in his career:
“before that I had no idea how much I could grow as a draughtsmen. It was a huge turning point, because all through school I hadn’t so much as drawn from photographs – I’d always thought that you had to make it all up out of your head, and that’s how you did ‘fantasy’ illustration.”

HERE I AM!!!!!!

Decent on Gotham

Giclee on Paper Edition of 295


Boxed Canvas Edition of 195

Unframed/Framed £795/£995

Masterfully blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, Ross takes a medium and gives it the illusion of a third bringing a new perspective and style to comic book illustration that had never been realised in the genre previously.


Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Giclee on Paper Edition of 295


Boxed Canvas Edition of 195

Unframed/Framed £795/£1,050

His talent is unique, his style inimitable, his use of light and shadow expert, The dramatic composition of his art commands your attention whilst his virtuosity in figural motion maintains it. There are few that can be likened to Ross for the sheer vivacity of his creations and few that can be attributed with changing the landscape of the genre in a manner so befitting the characters within it.
Through his pages, covers and fine art, work by Alex Ross continues to be respected, admired and sought-after. With his creations he certainly cements himself in history as one of the foremost image makers in comic book culture and indeed artistry itself.


Batman: Dark Knight Detective

Giclee on Paper Edition of 295


Boxed Canvas Edition of 195

Unframed/Framed £795/£1,050

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“With Marilyn I never fall out of love”

Brighten up the weekend with Marilyn!


Phone Call, North Hollywood, 1962

As a famed art publisher, Edward Weston built his extensive collection over five decades. A pioneer in collecting Hollywood glamour photography, he established it as a form of fine art over 50 years ago. Weston’s archive boasts some of the most evocative images ever taken from the golden era, most notably of Marilyn Monroe.
This collection spans the career of the ultimate Hollywood star, from her early days as an actress in 1948, to her final photo shoot in 1962. Masked by her beauty and sensuality, very few photographers were able to penetrate these layers to see the woman beneath.


Lost In Thought, Santa Monica Beach, 1962

EWE_Beach_Towel,_Santa_Monica_Beach,_1962_F (1)

Beach Towel, Santa Monica Beach, 1962

Weston built a collection that reaches beyond the lens of the camera, and these intimate portrayals taken by some of Marilyn’s most trusted photographers reveal the very essence of the twentieth century’s most enigmatic film icon.

EWE_Studio_Shot,_1948_F (1)

Studio Shot, 1948

The work of Laszlo Willinger, Andre De Dienes, Kashio Aoki and George Barris come together to form this revealing portfolio if the most famous woman of her time. Marilyn was more than just a movie star, her unparalleled beauty personified Hollywood glamour, and her popularity extended far beyond the realms of stardom.
Today Marilyn Monroe remains an inspirational and iconic figure. This portfolio celebrates the life beyond the movie set, the life of one of the most photographed figures of Hollywood history.


Driftwood, Tobay Beach,1949


Polka Dot Umbrella, Tobay Beach, 1949

“People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn’t see me.”

-Marilyn Monroe


Honeymoon, 1954


Warming Up, Santa Monica Beach, 1962

“The photograph isolates and perpetuates a moment of time: an important and revealing moment, or an unimportant and meaningless one…”

-Edward Weston

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The Amazing Spider-Man!

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The Amazing Spider-Man #75 – Death Without Warning!


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Spider-Man – Torment


The Amazing Spider-Man #100 – The Spider Or The Man?


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