Bob Dylan : Revisionist Art

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From Saturday 12th April the new Bob Dylan collection will be hanging in the gallery, so come down and have a peek!

What’s it all about?

In the form of covers from famous magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone, Dylan has taken social, political and pop-culture icons and married them with headlines and images either ripped from other publications or just pulled from the ether. The finished pieces, printed on large silkscreen canvas and silkscreen paper are both absurd and satirical. They take aim at the lofty public figures and celebrities, re-imagining their lives. Also in Dylan’s sights are the magazines themselves, for their covers that encompass dizzying arrays of unrelated subjects and for their lewd and violent imagery, used to catch the eye.


Revisionist Art looks to re-evaluate and re-contextualise things that we have known and maybe take for granted. It can satirise, it can parody, and it can also seek truths that were missed or even hidden the first time around. It aims to shed a light in the face of passive acceptance and make the audience pause and think again.


Does this spark your interest?

If the answer is ‘YES!‘ then come down to Castle Fine Art Edinburgh and enjoy a nice little tipple of something as you ponder Dylan’s new creations!

We look forward to seeing you!

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