Wedding List



Richard Blunt – Sea Breeze

Congratulations, you are planning your wedding!

At Castle Fine Art Edinburgh we are offering the wonderful opportunity to set up a wedding list to help you acquire the perfect piece of art to celebrate your special day.


Mark Grieves – First Dance

How to set up your wedding list
1. Register your list!
Simply contact us via phone, email, or at the gallery.
2. Tell your guests!
We will provide you with cards to include with your wedding invites. Your guests can then pop into the gallery or make a contribution over the phone. We love those in love so as a special thank you Castle Fine Art Edinburgh will contribute £50 to go towards your selected piece.
3. The fun begins!
Both you and your partner will then be invited to the gallery where you can relax, have a glass of fizz and browse our exclusive selection of Original and Signed Limited Edition pieces. Let us help you choose artwork that celebrates your love.
4. Thank you!
Once you have selected the perfect piece we will provide you with a list of guests that contributed and the personal messages they have left you to celebrate your union.


Hamish Blakely – Tango Rouge

What’s not to love?

Sign up today and fall in love all over again with a gift that will last a lifetime.

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